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Have you been trying on your summer clothes and not liking what you see or how you feel?


Are you not feeling or looking your best and want that to change?


Are you tired of wondering what to eat to be healthy and getting confused by all the diets out there?


Or, perhaps you are just looking for more energy and want some motivation to kick up your healthy lifestlye a notch!


Look no further! Our Summer Slim Down Nutrition Program was created to give you your beach glow back and empower you with the tools and motivation you need to look and feel your best this summer and beyond! 


We incorporate a holistic approach to healthy weight loss, while sharing our secrets for optimal nutrient and exercise timing for best results.


During this 21-day program (because it takes 21 days to create a habit!) you will make the changes you need to become the most beautiful, confident, healthy version of you, just in time for summer! These changes will last you a lifetime!









Cost: $149


Registration now open! Get your program HERE:



Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q. What if I have an event during the 21 days or I'm away for a weekend, can I still participate in the program? 


A. Yes, absolutely!  We all get busy in life, which is why it is actually best to be committed to a program that helps keep you on track. This program is easy to follow, and with the nutrition plan guidelines you will be able to modify and plan ahead to be successful. And, if you slip up (let's be honest we are human), you always get back on track the next day, and you have an abundance of support during the program to make sure you do! We want results after all, right?! 


Q. How will I feel when the program is finished? 


A. During this program we are eating fresh, whole foods at optimal times for vibrant energy, incorporating exercise, yoga, meditation and other holistic lifestyle practices to raise your vibe, enhance your glow, and get you toned for summer! Benefits may include: increased energy, bright glowing skin, happier moods, balanced blood sugar levels, weight loss, looking 'toned', as well as, feeling more confident, more productive, and more like the YOU you've always wanted to be! 


Q. How do I get registered and when will I receive my program? 


A. You simply click on the 'buy button' and you can purchase the program through paypal. Your program prep material will be sent to you via email within 24 hours! 


You can get your program here:







Let's get ready for summer together! 



What does your Summer Slim Down Program Include? 


  • Strategic nutrition guidelines to rev up your metabolism and to teach you how to eat for optimal energy and beach glow (ebook format)


  • Nutrition meal plan each week, recipes, shopping lists, and meal prep guidelines


  • Holistic lifestyle tips to make your healthy beach body last a lifetime


  • Access to our facebook community where you can ask questions, post your photos and progress, and be inspired!


  • Weekly emails full of tips and check ins to keep you on track and motivated to keep going!




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