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10 - Day Whole Food Community Cleanse

Are you tired of feeling like you don't have enough energy?


Do you feel like you have "brain fog" and aren't as productive as you would like to be?


It could be time to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle to get you feeling (and looking) your best!


That's where my easy to follow, Whole Food Cleanse comes in!


This is NOT a diet, nor is it your typical “detox” or “cleanse”.


This is a whole food cleanse encouraging you to eat real foods and to embrace lifestyle practices that reduce the amount of toxins going into your body. 


No need to worry, you won’t be drinking just lemon water with cayenne pepper or fruit juice for the next 10 days!


You will live vibrantly and enjoy your food. There is no fasting, no need to get all crazy, just be prepared to give up processed/packaged foods, common foods that cause allergens and irritants, toxic lifestyle habits, and open your mind to simple, holistic living. 




    Contact Natalie to get your copy!





What’s included with the Cleanse?

  • 10 day whole food cleanse protocol & information ebook packed with holistic health tips, foods + herbs + oils + supplements that promote gentle cleansing + tools to educate you on how to change your lifestyle permanently! 

  • 10-day Sample Meal Plan and Shopping List!

  • Nat's DIY recipes for chemical free body products such as deodorant, body scrubs, produce spray and other household items! *This is a new edition!

  • A beautiful recipe book full of cleanse friendly foods

  • Resources for eating well and to keep you on track during your cleanse

  • Menu Planner

  • Food Journal & Progress Chart

  • Access to exclusive Facebook support community

  • Additional daily, inspiring emails to your inbox with extra cleansing tips, useful links and support --> This is our community's favourite part of the cleanse! 

  • Detox Yoga Flow ebook with postures specific for helping your body detox and to get your elimination organs working optimally during your cleanse! *new edition!

  • You will learn to make healthy living YOUR lifestyle, and have fun doing it!


This cleanse is the perfect reboot you need to get back into your healthy eating routine or to learn new ways to enhance your health! The new habits you learn here can be implemented into your daily routine for a long, healthy lifetime! 

This cleanse is available all year round! Get your copy  today, and take one step closer to glowing health!


Contact Natalie to get your copy!  






What can you expect from this cleanse?

It may be a little challenging at first, but by the end you may experience some, or all of the following benefits:

  • Vibrant energy

  • Less cravings for sugar and other processed foods

  • Clear thinking- no more brain fog!

  • Feeling lighter, happier, focused

  • Bright eyes with whiter whites

  • Glowing skin

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Improved sleep

  • Weight loss

  • Improved digestion

  • Better elimination (of toxins and waste)

  • A feeling of peace and ability to deal with stress

  • Less mood swings

  • Insight into possible food allergies and intolerances

  • Increased knowledge on how to eat and live well, with new healthy ingredients 


Lot's of        for the community cleanse 

“Participating in the holistic tree whole-food cleanse was a rewarding experience. I have always been averse to diets and major food overhauls but this was such a healthy and sensible method that it wasn't intimidating for me to try. Four months prior to the cleanse I had my first baby and although it was an extremely happy time, I found myself in a funk since my energy was low and I was not choosing the best foods for my circumstances. A few days into the cleanse I started to feel fantastic and noticed my mood improving as well”.


“Natalie's supportive emails were genuinely helpful and encouraging every day as were the recipes and guides she provided. My family discovered some great new recipes and learned nutritional habits that we are happy to continue post-cleanse. I was pleasantly surprised to find how delicious some new and healthy foods were. At the end of the cleanse, I had achieved my goal of feeling like myself again, plus I lost a few pounds! I would recommend cleansing to anyone interested. It is a fairly gentle process and Natalie's expertise makes it an easy one”.

~Jody, V London    On

“I first met Natalie by attending one of her free talks she offered at the Campbell Care Centre here in London. I knew from her presentation that I would be in great hands for my first cleanse.  I was a bit nervous yet quite excited for this new 10 day adventure.  All I can say is that I'm so glad I participated!  To put it lightly, the cleanse was amazing!  Natalie provided daily emails that were very supportive and were filled with great information including: recipes (all were super delicious, I now have a green smoothie every morning using almond milk), natural products for skin care (I now use a local business that makes amazing, natural skin care products) and information on local markets to get our food items for the cleanse (I learned about local markets and natural food stores in our city that I didn't even know existed).  Admittedly, the first few days were a bit tough as I was craving my beloved chai lattes.  Natalie's daily emails kept me going.  I think the biggest thing I learned about myself was the emotional component that I sometimes attach to food.  I also noticed that by about days 5 and 6 I felt "lighter" and had better mental clarity.  My bloating also subsided.  I was so grateful that Natalie included a recipe that was a healthier version of the chai latte.  It was delicious!  THANK YOU Natalie for all your support during the cleanse!  I cannot wait for your next one.  Sign me up”!

~Julie . M


“This past spring, I joined the Community Spring Cleanse with Natalie at the Campbell Care Centre. I didn't know what to expect as I have never done a cleanse of any sort before however I lead a relatively healthy lifestyle. Soon after speaking with Natalie I trusted that the material she would provide would be beneficial for more than just the 10 days of the Cleanse. I like to be ahead of the game and one of the biggest things you can do for a cleanse is to be prepared!! Knowing what you are going to have and when you are going to have it takes stress and anxiety away. This is supposed to be a relaxing and rejuvenating journey so be sure to prepare so you can enjoy the ride! I have learned a lot, and taken many things away from my experience with the Cleanse. I have changed some of my habits and done some research into some foods I was eating and have changed some, and kept others. I found it so helpful to have Natalie there for support. Whether it be questions or concerns, or just looking for some extra motivation, she was there. I am looking forward to her next Cleanse, I found this one to be a great jump start to the summer and a reminder of why I take care of my body in the first place. Can't wait to see what Natalie throws my way next”!!

~Jess. V    London On

“Loved the email Natalie wrote this morning. I was missing my glass of wine last night, but I resisted with a walk in the park with the dogs and Chris. I did a hot yoga practice this morning and had Dr. Lindsay do acupuncture on me yesterday (amazing!). I have always done healthy things for my body, but I am enjoying being even more mindful and adding some additional healthy practices more regularly into my life.Getting the hang of this cleanse thing!  Looking forward to my massage at Campbell Care Centre with Heather today and my adjustment early next week. I hope everyone is kicking butt in this cleanse”!

~Dr. Michelle Campbell

“I decided to participate in the cleanse to kick off a more healthy and happy spring and summer season.  I had been feeling lethargic and low on energy over the last 6 months and wanted to naturally boost my energy in a healthy way.  Also, I had found that over the winter I had picked up some unhealthy habits such as poor snacking and not drinking enough water - I wanted to address these! The sudden boost of energy by the third day was great at keeping me motivated and committed.  I found the first two days pretty difficult because I had intense headaches due to sugar withdrawal.  However, by the third day I had formed an easy routine to follow.  Also, Natalie's recipe ideas and meal prep information enabled me to prep my meals ahead of time, making it easy to follow the cleanse regiment”. 


“In addition to a substantial increase in energy, I was sleeping better, had much better digestion of my food, and felt overall more happy and upbeat! The support through the facebook group as well as Natalie's regular emails helped greatly in staying committed and getting through the tough days.  Knowing that other people were experiencing the same things as I was and having a support system was crucial in continuing on”.


“I would definitely participate in another cleanse.  I think doing a cleanse at a change of season is a great way to set the pace for healthy eating. Thank you so much to Natalie for providing inspiration and on-going support throughout the 10 days.  Her insightful tips and nutritional explanations were absolutely wonderful”.   ~ Heather. S

“I was so excited to participate in the  holistic tree community spring cleanse, it was my first cleanse ever! It was such an amazing experience lead by Natalie. She genuinely wants to help people to eat and care for themselves by nourishing their body and mind.   Her passion and knowledge of how to incorporate whole foods and replace the bad foods with new healthy ones, was not only inspiring, but she made it fun at the same time”!


“When I had my doctor’s appointment my blood pressure was down (in a good way!) and I had lost some weight too, my doctor was amazed.  I felt excited with my results and I also really enjoyed sharing and seeing pictures of what each person made on a daily basis on the Facebook page.   The recipes she provided tasted so good and learning about different ingredients to add or change opened up a whole new way of living for me.  Going back to eating the wrong foods is not an option for me because I could really feel the difference when I started eating whole foods. I can't wait for the next group community cleanse with Natalie”!

~Theresa, L

“Finishing day 4 with a dry brush exfoliating massage and an Epson salt bath. Gettin' the hang of this cleansing thing” ;) ~Meagan

“Oh my goodness nat. I need an email from you every morning! What a wonderful, motivational message. I feel recharged!!! I'm happy to report my splitting headache has finally gone away! Also, I was able to accompany my boyfriend to Dairy Queen last night and was quite content with just my bowl of strawberries! I’m getting the hang of this”!


Another great email!! So informative and I could relate to everything you are saying. I am sometimes forgetting to eat because there are no cravings, literally all of my sugar cravings are gone! The most amazing thing I'm realizing is that I can eat like this regularly and indulge when the time is right. I will be continuing the cleanse after the ten days - mostly throughout the week and having the odd treat on the weekend. That makes it totally manageable for me! Looking forward to introducing some more exercise for these last few days to take it up a notch! Thanks for your support and motivation! ~ Heather K.  London On

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