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The Holistic Tree has teamed up with HD to bring you Corporate Wellness Seminars and Programming that are designed to deliver a powerful return for any organization. Simple in design, these offerings are packed full of relevant nutrition and wellness information and are presented in a way that inspires and energizes your employees to make positive changes toward truly transforming their health. The result of healthy, happy employees is noticed almost instantly and leads to increased productivity, enhanced  relationships and cohesiveness in the workplace and less sick days. Contact us today to customize your company wellness program!



About our Speaker: Natalie Ljubicic, BsFN and Holistic Nutritional Consultant has been public speaking in the health and wellness industry for over a decade. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and this captures the attention of audiences and inspires them to create powerful change. She has presented in front of groups ranging from 10-1000 in corporate settings, health clinics, community health fairs and not-for-profit events.


She passionately speaks on topics that include; nutrition, health, self-development, motivation, powerful mindset, habits for success, time management, aromatherapy, positive lifestyle habits and more. 


Natalie’s goal is not only to inspire the audience to make healthy changes but to have them walk away with key action items to implement the change.


To book Natalie for your next key note speaker, event, lunch and learn, corporate seminar or small group wellness workshop contact us today! 


Program Offerings





  • Reduce Workday Stress by Eating the Right Foods

  • Healthy Meal Prep for Busy People 

  • Maximize your Brain Power with Nutrition

  • All About Super Foods! Which Ones Are Real and Which Ones Are Hype?

  • Sugar: Kick the Cravings and Transform your Health for Good

  • How your Gut Microbiome Affects Your Mood, Health, and Work Performance

  • Reading Nutrition Labels & Grocery Shopping: Cut the Confusion and Get Back to Basics

  • Toxins and The Right Way to Detox

  • Understanding the Digestive System and Controlling Your Appetite

  • How to Eat Healthy When Dining Out and Travelling

  • Preventing Heart Disease and Diabetes

  • The Skinny on Fats: How Healthy Fats Can Change your Health





  • De-Stress Your Life with These Lifestyle Habits

  • Power Up Your Brain Performance with Meditation

  • Master the Art of Sleep

  • Transform your Natural Health Care with Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

  • Reduce Stress and Improve Productivity with Essential Oils

  • Lifestyle Tips for a Healthy You. Why its Not Just About Food and Exercise

  • Realizing Your Best Self

  • Are Your Home Care and Personal Care Products Making You Sick?

  • Prevent and Reverse Memory Decline

  • Tips and Tricks to Increasing Your Work Performance and Concentration

  • The Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health & Performance

  • Finding Time for Exercise: Why You Must Do It. 




*All seminar series are designed to delve deeper into wellness topics. Each week includes a seminar, tasks for participants to implement, related themed email campaign and certificate presented upon completion.


De-Stress Express Series: Learn How to Manage Stress in the Workplace and in Your Life


Week 1: What is Stress and How Does it Impact Your Health

Week 2: Adrenal Fatigue and Stress: How to Get Back On Track

Week 3: How Eating the Right Foods Reduce Stress

Week 4: How to Lower Your Stress with Healthy Lifestyle Practices

Week 5: Mastering Time Management & Organization

Week 6: Mindset and Habits for Powerful Change



6 Weeks to a Healthy Weight Series


Week 1: Improving Digestion for Optimal Health and Weight Loss

Week 2: Blood Sugar Control, Carbs, and the Food Mood Connection

Week 3: What to eat! Learn the Best Sources of Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates

and other Superfoods

Week 4: Menu Planning and Healthy Grocery Shopping for Success

Week 5: The Role of Exercise in Healthy Weight and How to Get More of It

Week 6: Holistic Lifestyle Habits for Weight Loss and Optimal Health




10 Day Whole Food Cleanse Challenge: Designed to be done as a group with your team and includes:

  • 1 kick off seminar to go over all the details of the cleanse

  • Cleanse eBook + Whole Food Recipe eBook

  • Shopping List

  • Daily email with guidance, info, and additional recipes to help keep participants engaged and learning as they go


Workplace “Lighten Up” Challenge: 4-6 week customizable program for employees that promotes healthy eating habits, increasing exercise, and making positive lifestyle changes. Includes kick off seminar, weekly resource focused on a nutrition challenge, fitness challenge and lifestyle challenge, and weekly emails to keep participants motivated, educated and engaged.


10,000 Steps a Day Challenge: In this 1-week challenge Employees will learn about the benefits of physical activity, what it takes to get 10,000 steps in a day and participate in challenges to help them reach this goal.


Sugar Free Challenge: 7-day challenge to ditch the sugar and cravings. Includes “Ditch the Sugar” eBook, sugar free recipes, and daily email with information and motivation to increase engagement and success.  


Custom Email Campaigns on Various Wellness Topics Including but not limited to:

  • Stop the Stress

  • Healthy Recipes

  • Smoothie Challenge

  • Preventing the Winter Cold and Flu in the Workplace

  • Maximize your Brain Power

  • Sun Safety

  • Time Management & Productivity


1 on 1 Nutrition and Wellness Coaching: Our Nutritionist will come to your workplace for a selected time and employees can sign up for coaching sessions.


Whether for a corporate wellness program, non-profit event, conference or small group retreat, we will have your attendees engaged, inspired and empowered with strategies to help improve their health and wellness for the long term. We customize all of our programs to fit your group's needs and then we motivate and support participants in taking action on the concepts presented in the program in order to achieve a greater level of health and balance in their life. 


Contact us today to create your customized wellness program or to book us for your next event! 


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