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 6 Week Slim DownMeal Plan Program

Do you feel like you are too busy to eat healthy on a consistent basis?
Tired of eating the same foods, or being on "diet" and not getting anywhere?
What if delicious easy recipes, done for you meal plans, and weekly grocery lists began appearing in your inbox?
What if the tough decisions like "what should I eat?" or "what foods will I enjoy eating that will also help me feel and look my best?" were made for you?
Good News: I can make that happen!
This is why I have designed the 6 Week Slim Down Meal Plan. This done for you program makes healthy eating, losing weight, and toning up enjoyable, delicious and fun!
Say goodbye to calorie counting, fad diets, and cutting out food groups!
6 Week Slim Down gives you the resources you need to make healthy living a lasting lifestyle. It focuses on good quality, whole foods, meal prep strategies, and holistic lifestyle practices to nourish your mind and body.
Why does it work?
It holds you accountable for your progress
You eat real food
You learn new skills to make healthy living a part of your life
It's easy to follow
You have support!



With all the different diets out there its easy to get left with a feeling of which is the right one? Can’t I just enjoy my food?


This is why I want to help you!

I have often felt that way myself. It seems the more I learn about food, the more confusing it gets. This is why I meal plan. It helps me focus on just eating whole good foods, and takes the worry, confusion and frustration out of it.


I want to help make healthy eating simple and fun for you, so you can look and feel your best. By planning the easiest route to your meal plan for the week, removing as many obstacles as possible, and providing a supportive community, I can guide you to lasting results.


This meal plan program will get you in the kitchen making your own food and you will experience the difference this can make in the way you look and feel.


With some strategic planning laid out for you, we will minimize the time you need to be cooking during the week, so you can focus on crushing your other goals and focusing your energy on quality time with your loved ones and doing what you enjoy. 


I am all about empowerment, and that’s what this program is going to give you! Learning new recipes and how to properly plan out your week for success will change your habits for the long term, giving you the power to continue in this way for years after the program. The health benefits are also a great bonus! You will be feeing your best after this program and ready to hit up summer with style! 

Are you In?

Join Us! 


Your 6 Week Slim Down Includes:



  • The Weekly Meal Plan: meal plan sent out each week for six weeks


  • The Weekly Meal Prep Guide: outlines what to do to prep for the week and tasks during the week to make this as organized and easy as possible. This is where you learn all the tricks! 


  • The Recipes for your Meal Plan: To accommodate most dietary issues all recipes are refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, made from whole foods, and contain notes for modifications such as vegetarian.  


  • The Shopping List for each Meal Plan


  • The Recipe Swap Guide: so you can customize your plan to you and your family’s liking. This is a beautiful eBook that you can use for years to come with some easy to make go-to recipes!


  • Access to our Private Facebook Group to ask questions, post pictures, connect with others on the program and for constant motivation, accountability and inspiration! Natalie will also be hopping on facebook live for meetings and inspiration!


All materials will be emailed to you each week!


This is a perfect starting point to help you discover a better way of living and eating. It will teach you what it means to make healthy decisions and develop skills that can evolve into lifelong healthy habits.


Are you ready to take action? Let’s do this together!

Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q. What if I have an event during the 6 weeks or I'm away for a weekend, can I still participate in the program? 


A. Yes, absolutely!  We all get busy in life, which is why it is actually best to be committed to a program that helps keep you on track. This program is easy to follow, and with the nutrition plan guidelines you will be able to modify and plan ahead to be successful. And, if you slip up (let's be honest we are human), you always get back on track the next day, and you have an abundance of support during the program to make sure you do! We want results after all, right?! 


Q. How will I feel when the program is finished? 


A. During this program we are eating fresh, whole foods at optimal times for vibrant energy, and encouraging exercise, yoga, meditation and other holistic lifestyle practices to raise your vibe, enhance your glow, and get you toned up! Because we are making time for prep each week you will be able to stay on track without relying on willpower alone! Benefits may include: increased energy, bright glowing skin, happier moods, balanced blood sugar levels, weight loss, looking 'toned', as well as, feeling more confident, more productive, and more like the YOU you've always wanted to be! 


Q. How do I get registered and when will I receive my program? 


A. You simply click on the 'buy now button' and you can purchase the program through paypal or using your credit card. Your welcome document will be sent shortly via email and your program will be sent on Wednesday so you have plenty of time to prep! Program begins the next Monday! 


"This is one of our favourite group programs! 

Join our community for this fun and life changing experience"! 

~Natalie, RHN

What clients  are saying about our Meal Plan Program.....

“I joined the 6 week slim down meal plan program having just started back to work from maternity leave. I was anticipating the challenge of eating healthy both at work and at home with a hectic lifestyle change.  We were looking to feel better while also eliminating the stress of last minute meal decision making.  The program was a fantastic platform from which to switch up our bad habits and create a healthy routine that works for us.  The recipes were so easy and incredibly tasty! The Sunday prep was so useful in setting the tone for the week and reducing unhealthy meal choices.  We feel energized and motivated to continue with this sustainable approach to healthy eating.  Natalie's constant motivation and incredibly helpful tools and tips were an essential part of our success.  We could not be happier with her expertise and support! Thanks so much Natalie!!!  

Heather K, London On

“As a family, we joined Meal Plan Program as a ‘reset’. We really needed to renew our focus on healthy eating and meal prep helped us to make healthy choices throughout the week. The recipes helped to introduce new foods and flavours to my family. We tried (and enjoyed) healthy foods that we would not have chosen on our own. Meal prep actually turned out to be a family event and, believe it or not, we had FUN doing it! The shopping list and guide were very helpful and inspired us to include some other healthy options in our overall meal plan for the week. The best part of meal prep was not having the same conversation every day with my husband! There wasn’t a single day this week where we asked the dreaded “what do you feel like for dinner” question! I would definitely recommend the meal plan program! It is a great way to get back on track with healthy eating and food choices”.

Jan, G. Alberta Children’s Hospital

"This Program has been a dream! I loved how easy the recipes were, they also brought me out of my food rut! I now have some great healthy go to’s to add to my list. The shopping list and meal prep Sunday guide were so simple, and easy to follow and I looked forward to seeing email messages from Natalie each morning! It kept me motivated! One of the best parts was the step by step process that’s included, it did the thinking for me, I wasn’t overwhelmed at all and I plan to continue this process.


I feel fantastic, energized, and I’m excited to cook again!  *BONUS I lost some lbs!!  This is exactly what I needed! I’m looking forward to continuing the process and making this a habit for me and my family”. 

Cindy V-Alberta Children’s Hospital

“I joined the Meal Plan Program while on maternity leave because while taking care of my little one, I was getting into the habit of simply eating something “quick” which translated into “quick and unhealthy”. I needed to learn how I could prepare healthy meals, ahead of time, for my husband and myself that were quick and easy. I loved the recipes and they were all so simple- they had very few ingredients but lots of flavour! The “Meal Prep Sunday Guide” was a total game changer. It outlined what I needed to do step by step and was so easy to follow. Also, having Natalie check in with me via email and our private Facebook page was a welcome motivation that kept me on track! Both the shopping list and the guide she provided were pivotal in my success. I felt empowered following this program, my mood has improved drastically, I am finally on the way to reaching my goals and knowing that I can follow a plan and stick to it made me feel like this is sustainable long term. I have recommended the Holistic Tree to my friends & family looking to improve their health and lifestyle and I will absolutely continue to do so. Natalie is a natural coach who has a gentle and authentic approach to motivating people and helping them achieve their goals. Thanks for sharing this with me Natalie. I loved it”. ~

Jessica P-London, On

“Best thing so far, is that my fam-jam has enjoyed the meals so much, they want to know what is next!! We had the salmon last night and it was phenomenal. Looking forward to adding that to the family cook book!! 

Tina S, Chatham On

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