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5 Ways to be Healthy By Getting Back to Basics!

Healthy Breakfast
Why all the attention to diet and alternative health lately? I believe this stems from our inner knowing that in order for us to live a healthy, vibrant life, something has to change in the way we are currently living.

In today’s world we have too much access to unlimited amounts of foods (many of which are full of chemicals, preservatives, pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), stimulants (caffeine, alcohol, drugs), and medications. We expect our bodies to magically process all of these things, use the good, and eliminate the bad without any problem. I am the first to say, the human body is a remarkable machine, capable of healing us, the issue, however, is that the systems in our body are overwhelmed in today’s world and it’s time to get back to basics. This ironically, can prove to be a complex task in our current environment! This is what we are all about at Holistic Tree; helping you navigate your way back to the basics!

What does getting back to basics look like?

As a Holistic Nutritionist I follow the Holistic Health model of healing which focuses on balancing out all aspects of life including body, mind, and spirit. Here are my top five-lifestyle habits you can start with to get back to basics and reduce the toxic load on your life, today!

1. GET BACK TO NATURE AND EAT REAL, WHOLE FOODS FROM YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY: Get to know your local farmers markets, where you can buy grass fed, kindly treated animal meats, and fruits and veggies that are locally grown and in season. This is important so that you can avoid man-made, chemical and hormone laden products and get back to whole foods that are full of nutrients, enzymes and love. Organic is always preferred to avoid GMO’s and pesticides but sometimes local is all that is available, and it is a better alternative to commercially grown produce. You can check out the Environmental Working Group at: for information about pesticides, and to download a printable version of “The Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15” which informs you on the most crucial produce to buy organic or that may not necessarily need to be organic. Another great resource is the Middlesex-London Local Food Guide found at: which maps out all the local markets, farms and mills for fresh, local, in season food! Get to know your local famer’s market, it is a great way to get inspired and support your community.

2. USE CLEAN SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: this may be an area of your health that is overlooked, but now is the time to learn about what you are putting on your precious body. Body products such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, hand creams, hair dye, moisturizers, make up, sunscreen etc. are used by us everyday, and they are also loaded with some really scary chemicals. These chemicals are applied directly to our skin and hair and guess what? They are absorbed into your body and they take a more direct route to your bloodstream than if you were to actually ingest them! By cleaning up your cosmetics and body care products you may see many health complaints improve such as: acne, PMS, and hormone imbalance (because some products contain chemicals that can affect your estrogen levels)! This is where I love to use essential oils! I have started making my own body care products that are completely toxin free, smell amazing and have therapuetic properties. See my post about my DIY whipped body butter recipe!

  • The David Suzuki Foundation has created an amazing Shopper’s Guide of the “Dirty Dozen” chemicals to avoid in your body care products. Please use this when making your purchases and try to avoid these chemicals whenever possible. You can find the chart at:

3. OPTIMIZE YOUR Z’s: In today’s world of long work hours, high caffeine and other stimulant intake, use of electronics and lots of lights around the house, there are many people not getting enough, or the proper quality sleep! This has a bigger effect on your health than you know! Proper sleep/wake cycles are very important to vibrant health, as this is the time when your body repairs its organs, tissues and cells. Aim for 7-8 hours per night optimally between 10:00pm and 6:00am. To optimize your sleep, be sure to reduce your exposure to light including computer screens, smart phones, tvs etc. before bed. Also, ensuring that your room is completely dark (or wearing a sleep mask), will promote proper sleep hormone function to ensure you have a quality beauty sleep while waking up feeling fresh! I also use essential oils to help me wind down and have an amazingly dreamy sleep. Lavender is my favourite for this and I diffuse it or put a little on the bottom of my feet and on my pillowcase before bed. Learn more about the amazing benefits of essential oils here.

4. DITCH THE SUGAR: this post is not long enough for me to state all of the reasons you should avoid sugar! Removing refined, white sugar and products made with sugar, from your diet is one of the BEST ways to “get back to basics” because sugar intake is related to the development of chronic diseases, as well as mood and blood sugar imbalances. Natural substitutes for sugar to use instead include: raw honey, 100% pure maple syrup, stevia (natural sugar substitute from a plant source), organic molasses, agave nectar or cinnamon. All sugar sources, however, should be used in moderation! We have an amazing 10 day whole foods cleanse that you can do and it will help you look and feel so much better, while reducing cravings and rebooting your taste buds! Check it out here!

5. GET MOVING: In today’s world with our 8-12 hour workdays, often carried out seated in front of a computer, we are not moving nearly enough! Movement and exercise are a MUST to be healthy and feel good! How can you get more? Take advantage of every opportunity to park further away, take the stairs, get up from your workstation to go for a walk around the office (every 20 minutes if you can-and it will keep you alert and your mind fresh!), or join a community sports league. Its sounds basic, and we all know we need to do it, but knowing and doing are two very different things! You can do this, start with 30 mintues per day, and try to do it in the morning so nothing can get in the way of your committment!

Beginning with these 5 basics will be a great start to feeling better and living your best life! For more help with cleaning up your diet and lifestyle you can book a one-on-one session with Natalie here!

Let's get back to the basics, be grateful for the people and things in our life, and watch our health thrive!


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