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Ditch the Aspartame and other Artificial Sweeteners!

I recently shared a video about Aspartame and the dangers this toxic sweetener poses to our health. Today I am sharing my favourite natural alternatives for artificial sweeteners and ways to use them to replace things like diet pop, and other artificially sweetened beverages!

1. Make a homemade Ice Tea: I steep 3-4 bags of my favourite tea (right now its mango green tea) in a big glass jug of hot water, for about 15 minutes. While still warm, I will had a touch of raw honey for a bit of sweetness. Then I remove the tea (bags or loose leaf) and let it cool. Then you can add lemon, mint leaves or fruit of your choice. I like mine with a splash of lemon best. Pour into a glass with ice and a lemon slice, and you have yourself a toxin free, delicious drink!

2. I have always had a weakness for fizzy drinks, and used to consume way too much diet pop than I'd like to admit. But you know what? It gives me headaches, makes me hungry, and I know its causing damage to my digestive system, brain function, and leaching minerals from my bones, so ditching it, is a must do! What can you have instead? I have turned to sparkling water and fruit! I even have it in a wine glass from time to time, it seems to taste better that way ; ) Simply, buy some sparkling water, and add your favourite fruit or get creative and throw some mint or other favourite herb in there!

3. Sweetener options: when baking, making homemade granola, or drinks, these are my go-to natural sweetener options:

*Raw Organic Honey

*100% pure maple syrup


*Sucanat (good for baking)

*Coconut Sugar


*Brown rice syrup

4. All sugar and sweeteners should be used in moderation. If you can drink or eat something without adding a sweetener, that is always best! Too much sugar of any kind in the diet can be harmful, so even healthy sweeteners should be used in moderation. I hope this helps you ditch the artifical stuff! If you didn't see the Aspartame video post on our facebook page you can check it out here.

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